Software developer, consultant, 2014-2017

Software developer, in-house, 2017-present


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My developer development

My start in tech was as a young hoodlum with a Windows 95 computer, a dial up internet connection, and pirated software. Luckily I am out of that world now, but I had to quickly learn to deal with broken technology, either out of ignorance or malice.

When I decided to become legitimate, I focused on web development as that was a low barrier to start building. Many small businesses had no web presence at all, and it was an easy way to help people in a significant way. I learned along the way that I do not have a natural talent for creating eye-catching designs, although I was doing well at managing the growing complexity of websites.

My projects took on more programming, integrating, and architecting until I found myself in the role of a software developer.

As a software developer, I enjoyed working with teams and individuals over time to create solutions that have reduced stress and frustration, and helped individuals focus on work that matters.

As a developer team lead, it was the joy of being able to support developers during challenging moments, celebrating their achievements, and growing alongside them, that made it all worth it.

As a principal software developer, I hit my stride. From building tooling and infrastructure, to making company-wide architecture decisions, I helped grow business, teams, and people.

Here’s to many more years of developing software, people, and ourselves. Let’s better the quality of life for everyone.